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CRM Microsoft Power BI Dashboard Template

The Power BI Dashboard template for Customer Segmentation includes:

  • Overview Page
  • Ranking Analysis Page
  • Customer Analysis Page
  • Predictive Analysis Page
  • Cluster Analysis Page
  • Geographic Market Analysis Page
  • Country-Wise Sales Analysis Page (Drill-Down Page)

This dashboard template has been created using Microsoft Power BI. Moreover, it contains seven main dashboard pages and six drill-down dashboard pages, along with a cool tooltip feature when hovering over certain key performance indicators (KPIs).


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Download the modern Power BI template for Customer Segmentation Dashboard. Track fundamental Customer Segmentation KPIs such as total customers, products, quantities sold, orders, and sales. Also, track integral Customer Segmentation KPIs including average purchase frequency, average order value, average revenue per user, average customer lifespan, average customer lifetime value, and average repeat purchase rate. Includes:

  1. .PBIX file (Power BI template)
  2. Sample dataset


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