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I am an HR data analyst and my role is to develop an HR dashboard using Inforiver custom visuals for the organization.


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The company currently employs a total of 694 people, with a gender distribution of 55% male and 45% female. The largest age group among the employees is 60 and above, accounting for 33% of the workforce, while the smallest age group is 50 to 60, with only 19.9% of the employees. The majority of the employees (20%) were hired in 2014, while the smallest percentage (12.7%) were hired in 2018. A total of 134 employees were hired in 2017. As of the analysis date, 85.3% of the employees (592) were still actively working for the company, while 14.7% (102) had either resigned or been terminated by HR. Among the reasons cited by the departing employees, performance issues were the most common (36), followed by a desire for a higher salary (25).

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