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Margin Down-Trend Analysis

Margin Down-Trend Analysis report provides one with the first initial steps in determining where the problem areas are held. It is simple, to the point, and a solid base for one to build upon.


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The “Trend” formula is the key to this report as it provides the user with a quick note stating how far along they have been down trending in terms of months, that is easily interpreted without looking at any numerical data.

Margin is most often the first indicator of a problem within a business. It is a high level identifier of if a process, customer, client, etc. is generating income. This report is a straight forward, high level view of what said customers are signaling a down-trend in margin. Thus, providing the first initial step in determining where the issue lies.

The Goal: Mitigating the time it it takes for one to pull multiple spreadsheets together and building multiple pivots to figure out what customers are the outliers. This report when set up correctly with ones data set will give the ability to pinpoint what customers one needs to focus on and answer the first initial question of “where do I start?”

  • Formulas can be added to increase down-trend signal size. Currently set up to go back 4 months.
    • *1 Month Down-trend
    • **2 Month Down-trend
    • ***3 Month Down-trend
    • ****4 Month Down-trend
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