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Power BI Glassmorphism Design

The glassmorphism UI design can elevate the visual appeal and functionality of Power BI reports. This design style, characterized by translucent and blurred elements, creates a sleek and modern aesthetic that enhances the report’s impact.

The use of layers, gradients, and vivid colors provide a sense of depth and dimension, making the data more engaging and easier to understand. By incorporating glassmorphism into Power BI reports and templates, users can deliver a highly professional and polished product that is sure to impress stakeholders, team members, and customers.


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Apply Glassmorphism design to your next Power BI report.


  • Power BI template (.pbix) file
  • Power BI theme (.json) file
  • Quick guide page
  • Icons
  • Background Images
  • Sample Dataset


1.0.0 – 2023.04.26
* Initial Release

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